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THE following is the form of Lloyd's Bottomry Bondó

that I

Master of the Ship
of the Port of
of the burthen of

tons or thereabouts, am held
and firmly bound unto
in the sum of

sterling British money, to be repaid to the said

his agent, attorney, executors, adminis-
trators, or assigns, for which payment I bind
myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators,
and also bind and hypothecate the said ship and
the freight to become due in respect of the
voyage after-mentioned and the cargo laden or Thfc recital
to be laden on the said voyage firmly by these ^^ be
Presents sealed with my seal. Dated this            according to

day of                          19                  thfi facts-

WHEREAS the said ship lately arrived at
in distress, having sustained damages in the course
of a voyage from                        to

laden with                          and being in want of

repairs, supplies, and provisions to enable her to
continue her said voyage: AND WHEREAS the said
being without funds or credit
at                        and urgently requiring the sum

of                                                                   to

pay for the said repairs, supplies, and provisions,
and to discharge the lawful and necessary disburse-
ments of the ship at

and to release her from her liabilities, and to enable
her to continue her voyage, and having first duly
communicated or attempted to communicate with
the owners of the said ship and of the said cargo
with a view to obtain funds from them, was com-
pelled to apply or a loan upon bottomry of his